Our offices

The Munich office: Steinsdorfstr. 10, D 80538 München

Munich is the seat of the German Patent and Trademark Office, the Federal Patent Court, the European Patent Office, the State Court and the Upper State Court includingf their patent litigation chambers and senates. Likewise, the Max-Planck-Institute for international IP law has its seat in Munich which is, thus, the center of intellectual propery matters in Europe. The German patent and trademarkm office and the European patent office are walking distance from our Munh office.



A map is here.

Our Paris office: 10, rue César Franck, F 75015 Paris

Paris is the capital of the second-largest industrial nation in Europe. Many of the large French companies have their seat in Paris. And likewise, the French patent office INPI (Institut National de Propriete Industrielle) is located in Paris.



Our office in the 15th arrondissement ensures the close contact to our French clients and to the French patent office. A map is here.

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